on the website of the 60th StuTS conference (Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft), which will take place in Heidelberg from November 17 to 20. Here, you can find all relevant information regarding the StuTS. Besides, we are publishing all current news in our blog and on Facebook.  If you don’t know what the StuTS is, you can read about it here.

We are happy to be celebrating the anniversary of the 60th StuTs at a place which is so rich in tradition as the University of Heidelberg. So let’s look forward to four both eventful and exciting days in November!

Deadline extension

New deadline for sending in your paper is the 8th of May 2017!

Please send it to ed.st1543883664uts@015438836646stut1543883664s1543883664

Call for Papers 61. StuTS Zürich

All information is available on their wonderful website! You can register your contribution right now. Deadline is the 22nd of April 2017.


Proceedings - Format specifications

We will typeset our proceedings with LaTeX, so we will have to convert your papers to LaTeX files. If you want, you can also write your paper directly in LaTeX which would save us some effort in converting it. For LaTeX-specific guidelines take a look at the file muster.tex. We sent you the file already via mail. If you didn't receive it, please write us an e-mail.

Otherwise, just hand in your paper as a ODT or HTML file. Please refrain from using elaborate layout options because we are going to unify the layout anyway.
If you are using images, please send them in separately, so we don't have to extract them from the ODT file. Try to use vector graphics such as SVG rather than raster graphics such as JPG, PNG or BMP. Diagrams should be provided as graphics as well (except they are generated from LaTeX code).

As for the citation style, please use the author-date style as described by in the Chicago Manual of Style. Don’t forget to include your references at the end of the paper.

Only the languages German and English are permitted.

TWIST Student Conference in Leiden

Interested? The 11th T.W.I.S.T. Student Conference for Linguistics will take place on 21 and 22 April, 2017 at Leiden University.


The deadline for submitting your abstract is the 28th of February 2017.

61th StuTS in Zürich, Switzerland

You can find all important information about the 61th StuTS in Zürich (May 25 to 28) on their official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/61.StuTS/?fref=ts